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The Background

Nothing about my background is very conventional. After completing high-school I realised a scholastic career was not in my future and instead I combined the 2 things that brought me joy, I swam before I could walk, so that was always my happy place and being around people. That kicked off my swimming coaching career which I did for over 10 years, nothing gave me a greater level of satisfaction than seeing children and adults alike grow their confidence in the water. 

Due to a small back accident, I had to hang up the wetsuit and get into corporate attire, just when call centres became a new method of contact for businesses. The lessons I learned during that time were invaluable for my growth towards the training and development space. 

I believe if you can identify the abilities in people while you are training them then you use those same skills to assess the suitability of a candidate for a position. I moved into the recruitment space in 2007 and this sparked my love not only for recruitment but more so for looking for that "needle in the haystack." To dig and dig till you find the gem(s) that no one else was able to find.  

Among friends, family and colleagues I have earned a reputation that "if anyone can find the information, Dalia can" and I wear that badge with pride. It is the foundation that helps me do what I do not because it's my job, but because it's what I love to do. 

A born and bred South African, living in Cape Town all my life, I have been blessed to live on a continent rich with diversity and the work I do allows me to talk to people from the most southern part of Africa to the very top and beyond.